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Hello there! Thank you so much for visiting Jo Simply Will.

I’m Jo, and I recently moved from the Gold Coast hinterland to live in the Scenic Rim in southern Queensland. It has been our dream to establish an off-grid house and permaculture garden, and we are now heading toward making that dream a reality. You can read about the reasons for the move here, as well as the adventure of the move, and our first few days in a country town. I love to grow, cook, and make things, and my intention is to live more simply and thoughtfully. I enjoy writing about my lifestyle, hobbies, and ideas for simple living.

In my quest to have a slower, more simple, less consumption-focused, and more thoughtful lifestyle, I find there are certain things that get under my skin. Things like food waste, the amount of rubbish some households generate, and the way many people wear busy-ness as a badge of honour. I think many of us work too much, overlook the hidden costs of earning money, and probably talk too much about work-life balance! Occasionally, I have a rant about these and other things that are on my mind. You will find these posts under the heading ‘Thinking about….’

You will find simple and delicious recipes on the blog under the heading ‘Recipes’. Craft is another favourite hobby. I do cross-stitch, scrapbooking, and make my own cards. I also enjoy knitting dishcloths of all things!

My goal is to inspire readers with ideas about ways to live more simply and thoughtfully. But I do want to do more than just inspire. I hope to influence you to take the next step and act. This could be through growing a few of your own vegetables and fruits, starting a worm farm, or committing to reducing the amount of rubbish that you throw out each week.

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I suspect that if you are visiting my blog you are also thinking about achieving a simpler life. I hope that you will be both inspired and influenced to make some changes that will help you achieve your goals.

Thank you for visiting!