Simplifying Christmas: 5 lovely home made gifts

For me, part of simplifying Christmas is avoiding the shops! It is so nice, during the holiday season and at any other time, to give and receive something that has been home made rather than store-bought. Here are my top 5 home made gifts, for the host, teacher, or to put together in a gift basket for a friend. They can all be made weeks ahead of time. Just make sure to hide the sweet things somewhere so that they don’t disappear before you need them!

1. White Christmas Crackles. The addition of pistachios and cranberries adds Christmas colour to this popular sweet.


2. Russian Caramels. These are super sweet and very popular in my household!


3. Rum Balls. So easy to make, and a lovely treat all year round.



4. Home made vanilla. Home made vanilla keeps getting better with time, and makes a lovely gift when presented in a pretty jar or interesting bottle. These bottles contained samples of whisky (though not for long!).



5. Dukkah. I’ve noticed that dukkah can be quite expensive to buy. Making your own is economical, and you know exactly what has gone into it.


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