Spicy Pumpkin Soup

IMG_0868 This is a thick and hearty soup, and is spicy in more of a fragrant rather than a really hot way. If you prefer a thinner soup, do try the roasted pumpkin and apple soup.


1 kg pumpkin, cut into pieces

1/2 knob garlic

1 onionIMG_0869

1 Tbs finely grated ginger

1 Tbs finely grated tumeric

1 can coconut milk

Method: Roast pumpkin and garlic in a little olive oil, salt and pepper, at 180C for about 40 mins or until cooked through. Meanwhile, finely dice onion, and saute gently in a little oil with the ginger and tumeric, until the onion is softened. Add pumpkin, garlic, and onion mix to food processor and blend. Return to saucepan, add coconut milk, and gently heat without boiling. Serve with home baked bread.


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  • Dianne Williams says:

    Hello Jo and readers,
    Coincidence that I should have a pumpkin soup lunch to eat today and a pumpkin soup recipe to read tonight!
    I am presently teaching a contract at Melbourne’s Camberwell Grammar, whose English faculty staff today provided a lunch of four beautiful home-made soups with crusty bread. This is the coldest day Melbourne has had since my arrival, so hot soup was the perfect response to temperatures in single digits (and, for some areas, on the negative number line). A colleague in my faculty area reported frost on the azaleas in his garden!
    There is no doubt that pumpkin soup made with roasted rather than boiled or steamed pumpkin is far and away the tastiest, richest, thickest and most flavoursome; I got stuck in to this one at lunch, and finished off with the French Onion.
    There is also an embarrassment of choice when it comes to adding spices to pumpkin or sweet potato soup; cinnamon and/or nutmeg are good options.
    Thanks Jo for these terrific soup ideas.

    • Jo says:

      Oh Di, what a lovely treat to have a selection of beautiful home-made soups provided at work, and especially on such a cold day. Yes, there’s something about roasting the veggies which guarantees a superior result.

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