Our 4 lovely girls continue to lay 3 – 4 eggs every day which means I’m on the lookout for more recipes in which eggs are needed. I was really keen to try Miss Chardy’s pav because she promised it would be easy. This was also an opportunity to use some of the passionfruit pulp I had frozen after a big harvest in summer. So the day for making the pav in preparation for lunch guests arrived, and I followed Miss Chardy’s instructions almost to the letter, making an adjustment to the recommended oven temperature because my oven runs very hot. I cooked the pav on 130C for 20 minutes, and 75C for the final 10 minutes, then left it in with the door ajar for a couple of hours. It’s still perhaps a little too brown, and I might slow the oven down even more next time. I’ve read that the idea is to dry the pav out rather than cook it.








I didn’t want to waste the egg yolks, or put them in the fridge with good intentions about using them later only to forget about them and then throw them out. 2 of the egg yolks went into making passionfruit butter. I made custard with the other 2. Yes you can make your own custard without using a packet mix! The custard is beautiful served with chocolate sweet potato cake, pumpkin and prune cake, or pumpkin pie. We also love it simply poured over a sliced banana and sprinked with coconut. Does anyone who wasn’t raised in north Queensland eat banana custard like this? For some reason I always think of this as a ‘northerner’ thing to do.

But back to the pav, which broke up a bit when I tried to transfer it to a platter. Smothered in whipped cream, who would know the difference?






IMG_0836Along with our lunch guests, we critiqued the end result, and all felt that the texture was just right. Miss Chardy is also right! It is an easy recipe, and I don’t know why I’ve put off trying one for so long!

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