ProBlogger 2016 – 3 Things I was influenced to do

In an earlier post on the new-bee experience at ProBlogger 2016 I mentioned the great pre-event guidance provided on getting the most out of the conference. One of the tips was to use the action list in the back of your workbook. I’d filled in 3 action items after just the first session! Being quite new to blogging I had a long list by the end of 2 days.

All of the presentations I attended were extremely helpful and informative, and many were inspiring. But as we know, it’s one thing to be inspired, and quite another to be influenced to act.

Here is what I was influenced to do as a result of ProBlogger 2016.

1. Get the “back end” of my blog sorted. (I will spare you the appalling puns that spring to mind!)


Yes folks, just like us, every blog has a back end. One that is at times quite frightening. Now I could hardly be described as a technophile. But remarkably, I have acquired a basic understanding of SEO, activated the relevant plug-ins, set up Google Search Console, and know how to optimise for Google Snippets. It’s like another language isn’t it, and a very boring one at that. So I won’t go on anymore about it.

Kelly Exeter did a terrific presentation on the elements of good blog design. Prior to the event I responded to her call out for some blogs to critique at the end of her session. Her feedback was really helpful, and as a result I was influenced to

2. Make some design changes


If you have been reading my blog for a while you may have noticed some of these. The font is different, there are ‘read more’ tags on the loooong Home page posts, there’s now a ‘Start Here’ page, and the photos have been resized for quicker loading. I’ve also changed the logo to one with a lighter, airier look and feel. I love this one, and it was always a toss up between this and the original.







I was also influenced to

3. Plan some blog posts in seasons


A season takes a larger content idea and breaks it down into several days or weeks of connected posts. Like for instance this season of posts about ProBlogger 2016! This post marks the last in my first (short) season.

I hope you have enjoyed my wrap-up of ProBlogger 2016. If you have a blog or are thinking about starting one, it’s well worth attending. I might see you there next year!

In the meantime there’s thinking to be done about some further seasons of posts. There might also be some challenges coming up for you. So stay tuned!



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