ProBlogger 2016 – 1 Thing that inspired me most

1 Thing that inspired me most at ProBlogger

Recently I wrote about my experience as a new-bee at ProBlogger 2016. On that first networking night, I found my tribe in the area allocated for ‘Lifestyle’ bloggers to gather. A group of us whose blogs incorporate simple living ideas went on to have dinner together afterwards. In the 2 days that followed there were more opportunities for us to connect around our common interests. As simple as it may sound, this is the thing that inspired me the most at ProBlogger 2016.

I find it so heartening to see the number of people blogging in the simple living niche. Some of the bloggers I met capture ideas of a slower lifestyle and living life more mindfully and thoughtfully. Other blogs discuss the concept of minimalism as opposed to the tendency toward excess consumerism and waste. Yet others support the reader who is interested in achieving some degree of self-sufficiency through growing some of their own food, keeping chickens, and preparing meals with produce from the garden. And some approach many of these ideas from a health perspective. For them, a health crisis has led to the realisation that lifestyle was a major contributing factor. Their blogs provides idea for others on the path to wellness through incorporating lifestyle changes.

The domains of health and well being, a slower and simpler life, feeding yourself from your own garden, and reducing consumerism & clutter are all intertwined. I am encouraged by the fact that there are such a lot of people interested in this concept. They bring their own unique perspective to the simple living space, and each has something to teach.

I am inspired because I’ve realised that there is a growing movement of people who are challenging the dominant paradigms of thoughtless consumerism & excessive materialism and the ‘I’m just so busy’ catchcry. It’s not just me questioning the way life is lived by so many these days. And it’s not just me blogging about living life a little differently and encouraging others to do the same. It seems I’m in good company. I am part of an online ‘tribe’ who don’t want to wear themselves out living a frantic life. We want to simplify our lives, grow some of our own food, cook from scratch, and keep alive traditional arts and crafts like knitting. And we know that doing some or all of these things will positively impact both our wellbeing and the environment.

Here’s a blogroll of some of the lovely people I met during ProBlogger 2016:

Heart of Simple:

Simply & fiercely:

Slow Change:

Beyond the Trolley:

Healing from Burnout:

Rise Regardless:

My new blogging friends have inspired me, and I have been influenced to take action based on things I have read on their blogs. Together, I hope that all of us can continue to inspire you, and to also influence you to take actions that will improve your wellbeing. We all hope that you will share the outcome with us so that we can celebrate this with you. And we hope that through sharing our blogs and your stories with others that the influence of this movement can spread further.

Coming soon on Jo Simply Will: 2 Things that ProBlogger 2016 got me thinking

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