ProBlogger 2016 – 2 Things that got me thinking

‘Inspirational’ is a word that is often used, and I heard it quite a bit at ProBlogger 2016. I used it myself in my previous post on the 1 thing from ProBlogger that inspired me the most. However some of the speakers talked about moving beyond inspiring people to influencing them. It’s great to feel inspired. But it’s more important to follow through and take action, as I know readers have done as a result of something they read on my blog.

In a recent post I spoke about supporting rural Australia by shopping there when visiting. Because I was planning on making my own washing liquid, borax was amongst the odd assortment of items that I bought whilst in Goondiwindi. After reading this post, my cousin’s wife contacted me for the recipe. But rather than just having good intentions, she immediately made the washing liquid and shared the photos on FB. The daughter of another cousin told me that she started her first vegie patch after reading about my summer harvest. And an old friend left a comment saying how much she enjoyed one of my pumpkin soups. Ros, Penny, and Gabriella were all inspired but more importantly influenced to act.

So the first thing that got me thinking is:

‘What makes people go from being inspired to being influenced to act?’


I suspect that the answer lies somewhere at the intersection between the appeal of my ideas & the ‘why’ behind them, and the motivation and personal qualities of the reader.

The other thing I have been thinking about is my use of social media. Actually, lack of use is more accurate. Whole sessions at ProBlogger focused on maximising your blog’s exposure, increasing influence, and self-promotion through being active on a wide range of social media platforms. I avoided all of these.

I’m staggered and perhaps a bit mystified by the amount of time people spend looking at and doing things on their phones and computers. I even noticed it at ProBlogger. It seemed difficult for some people to simply listen and take notes. I saw constant swiping, scrolling, tapping, & checking. Perhaps many were tweeting about the event, or posting photos of the beautifully presented morning teas on Instagram and FB. But not me. As is evident to my readers, I don’t have a FB page dedicated to my blog, nor do I tweet about what I am doing, post photos on snapchat and instagram, do podcasts or have content on you tube.

So here’s the second thing that got me thinking, and it is closely related to the first:

Would people be more influenced to act if I exposed them to my blog’s message through a range of different social media options?


It’s perhaps helpful to consider my current position on social media from 3 different perspectives: mine, that of the reader, and in the context of the purpose of my blog.

From my perspective, the more time I spend communicating via a range of social media platforms the less time I have to grow, make, and bake things. The less I do these things the fewer ideas I have to share and the less there is to write about on my blog. This defeats the purpose of having the blog!

Thinking about it from the perspective of the reader, do you want a range of additional platforms on which to ‘follow’ me? Would it influence you to take action? Or would it just add to the information overload that many report feeling?

And finally it seems to me that spending time on the maintenance of multiple social media platforms, and then expecting my readers to follow, re-post, re-tweet etc, is not aligned with the purpose of my blog. People can admire a photo of a delicious looking soup on FB, instagram and snapchat, and tweet about it. (Can you even tweet a photo? I’m ignorant of such things!) But I would rather they plant a pumpkin seed, watch it grow, go out in the garden and pick it, then make the soup. Or buy a basil plant, and make their own pesto rather than using a store-bought one.

For now at least, I’ll hold my position regarding social media. I hope that you continue to be inspired by some of my ideas and actions, and that you will connect with the ‘why’. And I will issue the following challenge. As a result of reading my blog, what will you commit to doing? Will you plant some seeds, or reduce your food waste, perhaps knit a dishcloth, or make most of your meals from scratch?

I’d love to hear what you have been influenced to do, and what you think led you to taking action.

Up next on the blog: 3 Things I was influenced by ProBlogger 2016 to do.

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  • Tina says:

    I would probably not follow you anywhere else…but I do enjoy your blogs. They’re easy to read & not too long…& I don’t feel there are too many either…..😀. I’m planning to knit dishcloths for my family as Christmas stocking fillers. I remember knitting them as a kid…& loving that mum used them!! Thanks Jo

    • Jo says:

      Thank you Tina for the lovely feedback. I also don’t follow any of my favourite bloggers anywhere but on their blog. There’s too much else to do! So glad that dishcloths have made it back onto your craft list. I’m sure your family will enjoy the trip down memory lane. Warm regards, Jo

  • Ros Williams says:

    Thanks Joanne, for the mention in your blog, I’ve continued to make the clothes washing liquid and the third time around I added some stain remover to the mix…I’m about to make it for the fourth time tomorrow, I’ve started using a very old pot, it is very tall so it has merits. We originally used it for prawns and crabs…my outlay $20.00 and I’m still using the original products. Our grocery bill is significantly reduced

    • Jo says:

      It’s a good feeling isn’t it Ros, to notice a difference in the grocery bill. I’m going to try making my own soap next, and I’ve read you can wash your hair with it so that saves buying shampoo! Thanks so much for leaving a comment.

  • Barbara Law says:

    I have been influenced to act! I planted some pumpkin seeds from an organic pumpkin I had purchased in order to make some soup. I was delighted when green shoots followed by luscious leaves started to appear, and I swear I could see the beginning of little yellow flowers when BANG, something nibbled through the stalks at ground level… actually ring barked them… Now they just droop. Help!

    • Jo says:

      Hi Barb, thanks so much for your comment and your actions! It’s discouraging isn’t it when something like this happens. I wonder if it might be cut worm that is the culprit. You could lay some cane mulch or even cardboard under the stalks and see if that makes a difference. Pumpkin can trail away over anything so don’t worry about it not being in contact with the soil. Love Jo.

  • Kate says:

    Always a good read and as always inspirational. Now I find I have no excuse other than to be influenced. Upon my return I shall seek out said washing liquid and perhaps learn to cast on and cast off!. I use social media eg FB, Messenger, What’s App and Viber – but only for a quick message and usually only family. I am afraid I would lose you on a blog but then I am actually ‘old school’. I think your reasons for ‘holding fast’ make perfect sense.

    • Jo says:

      Happy to help you with the cast on/cast off techniques Katie! Let’s see if I continue to ‘hold fast’ or if I have to eat my words down the track!

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