Why I talk to my chickens

It’s a good thing that our neighbours aren’t too close. If they heard me constantly talking to my chickens they might think I’m a bit nuts. The chickens have a large run called the Hen Mahal, but they are also allowed to free range. So from the moment they arrive as new chicks I chat away to them, ask them if they’ve been good, tell them how clever they are when they lay, thank them for the lovely eggs, and generally go on with a lot of nonsense. Like in this video.

Why do I talk to my chickens all the time? When they become familiar enough with their surroundings to be let out, they will wander back themselves when it becomes dusk. But sometimes I need to get them in earlier. Because they know my voice, I call them and they come! Here’s the proof!

Who would have thought that you can train a chicken. If you have chickens, do you chat away to them?

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  • Oh I certainly do, all the time. I was only thinking the same as you the other day. Whilst I was greeting our girls in the morning, having a lovely chat I heard our neighbour walking down their driveway. I thought they must think I am mad.
    I had read about them recognising your voice so have spoken to them since the day they arrived here.
    Love your clip with them running to you when you called. They’re just beautiful.

    • Jo says:

      Hahaha! If your neighbours ever get chickens they will suddenly understand Kylie. Hope your little brood is doing well.

  • Kathy Marris says:

    This is gold! They are beautiful looking hens. I think it is perfectly natural to talk to you chickens. I talk to my puppy all the time and she kind of understands! #TeamLovinLife

  • No chickens here, but I’m always chatting away to my kitty and she does answer back in her own sweet way!

    • Jo says:

      It’s the way we connect with animals isn’t it Janet. I talk to the wallabies too, but so far can’t get them to run to me….

  • leannelc says:

    I love your chicken calling – it officially makes you the chicken whisperer! We had chooks in days gone by but they didn’t come out of their big pen much – my husband hated how they dug everything up and dustbathed wherever they could. We buy our eggs now, but having chickens is a fond memory.

    • Jo says:

      I’m not so keen on the mess they make of my garden either Leanne. We have raised garden beds with covers for most of our vegies, but sometimes they still find a way in, naughty little things.

  • writeofthemiddle says:

    If I had chickens I would talk to them just like you do! I talk to my dog Ava all day! She’s such great company. Looks like a lovely place where you live Jo! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  • Jo says:

    Hen Mahal indeed! Do you have a Maharajah amongst the hens? I think it’s great to chat to them. They are funny and surprisingly intelligent aren’t they?

  • Jo says:

    We had chooks when growing up in the country – and yes, they got to know voices. I had a special big red and black rooster that I talked to constantly. I always remember that Mum had a tree stump in the chookyard that she used to go & sit on & talk to the chooks when us 4 kids got too much for her. #TeamLovinLife

  • I had chickens and I always have talked to them!! They know when I called them they generally got feed so they used to come running!!’

  • OK, Now I want a chicken …

  • I don’t have chickens, but I do spend most of the day with my dog. She’s a great listener and only occasionally answers back (unlike the teenagers!!) 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • Jo says:

      Lyndall if your dog is anything like my friend’s I’m sure she decides to be naughty when you are on the phone, much like children!

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