Wallaby cross stitch – an update

I thought you might enjoy an update, over the next few weeks, of home and garden projects that I have been writing about since I started this blog.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may be curious about where my wallaby cross stitch is up to.

In an earlier post, I wrote about this very intricate cross stitch project which I had been working on sporadically for several years. I dubbed it the never-ending wallaby. Finally I finished it, getting it framed just in time to exhibit in the Mudgeeraba Show. I was so happy to get third place! Up close it’s not the neatest of jobs and that would have been well evident to the judge. From a distance however it looks great, and at least it’s completed and on the wall!










I love to have craft projects on the go, and as well as continuing to knit dishcloths and do scrapbooking, perhaps I’ll get back on to the cross stitch tablecloth I bought in Austria in 1999!

What crafty things are you working on at the moment? And what have you finished recently?

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  • Roslyn Williams says:

    great job…love wallabies and also love cross stitch

  • Melissa says:

    He looks amazing well done on 3rd prize

  • Jennifer Grainger says:

    I think your wallaby looks wonderful! And congratulations are your much deserved prize!
    I have a new respect for all needlepoint artists after seeing how complex the instructions are!

  • Dianne Williams says:

    Hi Jo from Blacktown in Sydney’s west. Living as opposed to holidaying here has been a revelation of sorts; the city has many appellations that encompass the suburbs themselves: Upper North Shore, where I will finish the school year; Lower North Shore (and no doubt Middle); Northern Beaches; Central Coast with very many towns en route Newcastle, serviced by the Sydney trains network; and ‘Heartland’, which is written on a number of businesses around Blacktown and Seven Hills. There are no doubt many more, one of which has come to a wider audience since the Rugby League grand final; ‘The Shire’, proudly announced and displayed by those from the Sutherland district. I did not see this in Melbourne and it doesn’t exist in Brisbane: it is a homely pride in ownership and speaks to an old English quaintness. Anyway on to your blog: do I detect a little grin of triumph on the face of the completed wallaby? Surely I am not mistaken!

    • Jo says:

      It’s great to hear that, even in Australia’s largest city, ‘community’ can be created along with the pride and belonging that goes with that. I don’t know about my wallaby grinning Di, but his little pink tongue is out a bit, as if with the exertion on his part of being ‘worked on’ for such a long time!

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