Early spring in the garden: It’s a bit like life!

Spring in the Garden

Early spring in the garden is a transition time that sees some things come to an end as others are coming to life. The broccoli that I planted too closely together during winter did reasonably well. After harvesting the heads I continued to pick the side shoots. Since then the chickens have been allowed into the bed. They’ve been feasting on the leaves, cleaning up bugs, and turning over the soil whilst I think about what to plant there next. My second bean crop had some sort of wilting disease so had to be pulled out. The snow peas are doing well. I hope to be able to pick a handful every couple of days. Only 1 of the zucchini plants grew from seed so a small harvest is possible just once or twice a week. They are lovely tossed into curries, steamed with some broccoli, or grated into zucchini and smoked salmon fritters.

img_1319 img_1359







The pumpkin vines have taken off, but the sweet potato tops are constantly being nibbled by the wallabies. I hope they are continuing to grow underground. The tropical apple tree is flowering, and it’s encouraging to see some tiny apples forming.










At the beginning of last summer I let the coriander go to seed. Lots of seed was harvested for dukkah. Many seeds fell and scattered themselves, and coriander plants popped up everywhere throughout winter. It’s lovely in curries and pesto.

I think the garden is a metaphor for life.

– Everything has its season and comes to an end when the time is right

– Some things don’t go as well as expected

– Some things go much better than we think they will

– Often, when conditions are just right, good things pop up unexpectedly

– Contrary to popular belief, we don’t always reap what we sow

– Neglecting it for too long results in the need for an intensive effort later on.

And finally

It’s important to have an eye to the future and be thinking & planning ahead


It’s also important to be present & appreciate where things are at right now!


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