Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs!

There is nothing like the sight of 4 eggs in the laying basket to warm the cockles of a mother hen’s heart (that’s mine I’m referring to!). The 2 new girls brought home in late January are now both laying. They are generally getting on better with their 2 older sisters. Athough I am still having to referee squabbles over prized perch territory as they get themselves settled at night.  Now that we have an abundance of eggs, my thoughts have turned to recipes to maximise their use. Here are recipes for some of my favourites, curried egg dip and zucchini slice. And what could be better than a simple lunch of boiled eggs, with a salad of tomatoes and greens, served with home baked bread and sage butter.






I am really keen to try Miss Chardy’s pavlova recipe which she advises is ‘the easiest recipe in the world’. I’ve never tried to make one before, so we’ll see shall we? Before I try it, I’ll get myself organised with recipes to use up the yolks, rather than putting them in the fridge with good intentions.

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