Moving day woes

Moving house is not easy at the best of times. It’s good to be a minimalist when you have less than 4 weeks to pack the house up and you are working full time. Even so, I soon discovered we still have a lot of stuff!







The only thing worse than moving on a sunny day is moving on a rainy day. Yes, it was a day of intermittent torrential rain as the truck was packed.

But the worst was still to come. At our destination, the truck backed a wheel off the driveway. It sunk into the ground and dug in further when the driver tried to drive out it out. It leaned over at a treacherous angle, with all of our ‘stuff’ inside, including a motorbike and ride-on mower. The bike and half of our boxes were hastily unloaded onto the driveway in the rain. As is perhaps more typical in the country, a neighbour popped over with a tarp, and some chocks to prevent the truck from tipping over. The local carrying company was called to tow the truck out.







Because the date of settlement of our house did not coincide with the availability of the rental, we had to have 4 nights in a motel. We were fortunate that the garage and shed at the rental were made available to store our possessions until we could move in. The nights in the motel were actually a bit of a reprieve. Who could complain about a sunset like this as we sat overlooking the lake with a takeaway pizza and bottle of wine?

Once we moved and started unpacking our things however, I had plenty to complain about. Can you read what it says on this box? Yes I thought so. It was a heart-sinking moment when I picked it up and heard ‘chink’.

Somewhere, on the truck’s 2 hour journey through the country to our new home, a tall building was located and this box was dropped from the top. Crystal and pottery bowls and my much loved op-shop casserole dish were not just broken but smashed. There were breakages in other boxes as well. The handle off a Mikasa cup, the handle off a Johnson Bros serving dish I’d picked up years ago from a second hand shop, a pottery dinner plate. Admittedly, it is a first world problem.

As I worked out what to put where, the kitchen looked like that famous scene from the movie Sixth Sense. It’s a great 70s-style roomy house, and I’m slowly finding the ‘right’ place to put things, and then remembering where things are! We are going to be very comfortable and happy here whilst we build. I can’t wait to throw some seeds into the garden and start growing some edibles.


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  • Lynn says:

    The Moving House Blues ….. fortunately they don’t hang around too long although I still have a few stray boxes, the contents have yet to find a new home! Jo you & Mr G will soon make your new place a wonderful haven.
    Looking forward to hearing progress on your new build.
    Happy Xmas & New Year xx

    • Jo says:

      You are so right Lynn. I think general exhaustion from the whole process doesn’t help. A place has now been found for nearly everything and we are feeling very much at home here! Have a wonderful holiday season. xxx

  • Sue Harvey says:

    Oh dear Jo….so sorry to hear of some special belongings getting broken. Hope you are now settling in. Beautiful photo. Enjoy your new home. Take care Sue xxx

    • Jo says:

      Thanks Sue, it could have been so much worse. I was so delighted that a Royal Albert tea set that had belonged to a friend’s grandmother, and gifted to me by her several years ago, survived perfectly intact. To celebrate I used it today when my brother and sister-in-law dropped in on their way back to Toowoomba!

  • Dianne Williams says:

    Joanne what a disappointment for you to have lost your cherished items. Anyone who has moved will doubtless have a horror story; my move to Sydney in January ended in breakages, although it was really my own error that started off the chain of events that ended in a panicked re-load of the truck. I remember the cringe as two blokes chucked boxes around with much abandon. Nevertheless, the “FRAGILE” tape or words as are on your boxes should alert these men to the special circumstance, and it rarely does. My solution for this current move back home was to make my plans through Wridgways, a longstanding reputable company of trained removalists. It has cost over twice as much as the ‘family’ trucks quoted, of course. Anyway Jo, good that a major truck-topple disaster was averted with some good old-fashioned country goodwill.

  • margaret says:

    Can relate to your moving problems. Had a horror one too. Removalists turned up and starting taking things out to van then there was a hell of a commotion. It was raining at the time and the removalists had slipped on a plank going up to the truck and fell landing backwards on the tailgate and unable to move at all. Had to call 000 and get the ambulance and off he went to hospital to get assessed. The chap had also dropped a carton when he slipped on his way into the truck. So the company sent another fellow out to help while the one still upright continued to move things out. My husband had gone early in the morning to the new property and consequently all my brooms etc had gone with him and I was just left with a bucket. When they finally had finished with all the rain the place looked like a herd of elephants had gone through with muddy feet so I then on hands and knees had to wipe through the house to get it clean again. So when we got to the new place it was still raining and the process was reversed. Happy to say that the man who had the fall was okay and didn’t suffer any spinal damage. Hope that you are happy in your new address and that you find some similar things to the one that were broken in an op shop in the future.

    • Jo says:

      Oh Margaret what a terrible story! Yes my situation could have only been worse if someone had slipped in the wet and hurt themselves. Vaccuum cleaners, brooms, the mop, and all manner of cleaning cloths were pretty much the last thing to be packed into the cars as we were driving off. What a job you ended up with, with nothing but a bucket!

  • Gabriella Field says:

    Hi Jo, I am the midst of unpacking and again I feel your pain. The utter disappointment when unpacking a box marked FRAGILE and finding many items of sentimental value broken, they did just that, broke my heart. I remind myself that they are just things but the memories associated with those things tug at my heartstrings. I hope the rest of your move and setting goes smoother. Good luck and best wishes always.

    • Jo says:

      Thanks Gabriella, yes they are just things and in the big scheme of things not important, but it is still sad. Good luck with all of your unpacking and finding the ‘right’ place for things in your beautiful new home. xxx

  • Lorna Williams says:

    Ohhhh I feel for you Cousin. Sure does seem like an interesting move. Sad to loose some of your treasure trove of things. Hopefully you can find some more to replace them.Love from both of us.

  • Maree says:

    Moving woes! And to think you get to do it all again when you build.

  • Bronie Reading says:

    Hi Jo, Well I learnt a few tricks after moving about 20 times. Put all keys for house and plugs for sinks in the oven. That way they don’t get packed!!! I’ve even had a coffee pot wrapped and packed with coffee still in it. Also we USED to smoke and they wrapped the ashtrays still with butts in. Always keep toilet paper and tissues away or they pack that too. All things to be left behind for cleaning last. Worst of all for us was moving overseas where everything goes and you have to borrow stuff. Best wishes for a new beginning with lots of things coming to fruition. Look forward to seeing you again next year. Cheers Bronie

    • Jo says:

      Hi Bronie,
      Yes, we accidentally took a window lock key with us and had to post it back! We did the packing ourselves so no coffee pots with coffee still in them or plugs got packed. Honestly, you’d think packers would have a bit more common sense! Thank you Bronie for stopping by and leaving a comment.
      Jo xxx

  • Elizabeth says:

    Wow what a move it sounds like it was Joanne, hope you are settled now.

    • Jo says:

      It’s well behind us now Elizabeth, though I’m very short on bowls! Must drop into the op shop tomorrow and see about some replacements.

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