Life in a country town – 2 months on

Well doesn’t 2 months go quickly! It was an eventful move and a very memorable first few days in our new country town. Now it’s 2 months on and time for an update on life in our new environs. So what have I been doing?

1. I joined the gym. It has a wide range of classes that cater for all ages. Like everywhere else we go around here the people are very friendly. It’s so nice to be addressed by name when you go there. Like when I got the timetable mixed up and turned up in a pair of thongs, thinking pilates was on. The lovely gym owner, Lisa, took one look at my feet and said “Hello Miss Jo, and just what sort of a class do you think you are going to do in those?!” She then asked me my size (same as hers) and handed me a pair of her shoes and socks so I could do the step class. Clearly some gym owners will go to any lengths to ensure their clients don’t miss a class!

2. I joined the Community Garden. There was no one around just prior to Christmas so I pottered away there weeding and watering. In exchange for my labour, I picked some leeks to make a tart, and some parsley to make pesto. There’s a white board for recording what has been done, and I pretty much filled that up in 2 visits.  I’ve since learned that having a stranger come and do a bit of work perked up the small group who work the garden, apply for grants and strive to keep it going. Many groups often depend on the good will of just a handful of people to sustain them. So they are very happy to have a new member who likes to get things done!

3. I joined a craft group. It’s great to have a creative group to be a part of, because I love doing scrapbooking, making cards, crosstitch, and knitting dishcloths. It’s enjoyable sitting with other women and chatting whilst doing some of these things. Any craft can be done there. I’m working on a dishcloth, and was interested to see others doing rug-making and hoop knitting. It’s wonderful to keep such traditional crafts alive.

One thing I have to watch out for is the storms. The area is renowned for some fierce ones, like the one shown here. What I must remember as I’m busy enjoying the spectacle of the storm is that I no longer have an undercover clothes line! My washing got drenched whilst I was happily photographing this one……

Perhaps it’s my country upbringing, but I have felt completly at home here from the moment we arrived. What continues to amaze me for such a small town is the number of activities available, from hobby and interest groups to community events.

Next up on the blog, quirky things I love about the town!

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  • Anne says:

    Oh Jo what an exciting 2 months for you. Typically you have embraced your new lifestyle and I’m so thrilled that you’re enjoying every moment. I think I too would have forgotten about the washing choosing to be rapt in the beauty of the thunderstorms out that way. Such powerful energies. Just be wary of the flash flooding 😉 Thanks for sharing ❤❤

  • Dianne Williams says:

    Jo you will have us all moving to Boonah. I see a future here for you: the ‘promotions’ chick whom other small towns employ to build their own profiles. Imagine that!

  • Helen French says:

    Love your blog Jo and Boonah sounds wonderful! I’m glad you are loving it. I especially love your choice of gym shoes!!

    • Jo says:

      Haha, yes it was a funny situation Helen. It’s great out here, and I feel a strong sense of blooming where I’ve been planted…

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