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This is where I question things. Like empty one-sided conversations; why everyone is ‘so busy’; why people take but don’t preserve photos.

Smart phones: today’s shoebox of hoarded photos

Do you take photos on a smart phone? What do you do with the photos? Could your phone be turning into that future shoebox of unidentifiable photos that some have in a hidden corner of the cupboard? If you are hoarding photos on your phone and perhaps in other places, and wondering what to do with them, read on.

Cameras and photos have been important to me since I was a child. My brother gave me my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic, when I was about 10. It had a cartridge style film with 24 exposures, and an attachable flashcube which exploded whenever a flash photo was taken. That was the fun part! Prior to a special event a new cartridge would be loaded into the camera with the hope that you would have enough shots to cover the occasion. The exposed film would then be put in at the chemist and sent away for developing. Oh the anticipation of Continue reading    

I’m on the list of 20 mature Aussie bloggers worth following!

I was so suprised and delighted to recently receive an email from Janet from Middle-Aged Mama. Janet named me amongst the 20 best Aussie bloggers for mature women! This was so unexpected! You can read Janet’s full list on YS People here.

There are certainly lots of ‘mummy bloggers’ out there. So it was good to read Janet’s article and see her highlight some bloggers who are at a different stage in their life.

Mature though I may be (and some may dispute this!), I hope to also have appeal to people of all ages who are wanting to live a little more simply and thoughtfully. So please do share my blog with your friends – young, ‘mature’ and everything in between!

“Are you okay?”, and other important questions

In thinking about this post, a number of other potential titles crossed my mind. Amongst them, “A simple guide to relating” and “The (almost) lost art of conversation”. I’ve been feeling quite disgruntled with the superficial level of chatter in some social gatherings. The conversation goes here and there. Discussions started get interrupted and derailed, going off in different directions. At the end of it I am left wondering what of substance has actually been said. Continue reading    

In praise of the to-do list

In praise of the to-do list

I think that it has become automatic for most people to say ‘oh I’m just so busy’ when they are asked how they are. Busyness evokes images of frantically rushing from activity to activity, being constantly stressed and running late, and having a lengthy, endless, and unwanted to-do list. Because of this I prefer to describe myself as ‘occupied’. Most times I feel a sense of flow in life, with my various interests and activities integrating to make up the wholeness that is ‘life’. A friend recently described me as ‘productive’ and I think she is pretty much on the mark.

I admit to finding it hard to do nothing, and regard myself as a ‘human doing’ rather than a ‘human being’. There are always gardening, cooking, and craft activities on my project list. And I love to keep a to-do list of everyday things Continue reading    

The (almost) lost art of letter writing

Back in the 80s one of my best friends moved overseas for over a year. We were the most faithful of correspondents in those pre-email days – you know, that era when you got out the nice stationery someone had given you for your birthday, and you actually wrote a letter by hand. I still have every one of her letters, which tell so much not only about her life at the time, but also about mine. Looking back I’m amazed at IMG_0657how we kept it up with such frequency for so long. When she recently returned for another stint in the UK we resolved to resume our old letter-writing habit. So how are we going more than 18 months down the track? Not very well I’m afraid! The score is as follows: Jo – 3 and Cheryl – 1. How did we do it back then?? But more importantly what are the barriers to us doing it now?

It’s so easy to send an email these days, or to post a birthday greeting on facebook, and technology is certainly quite an expedient way of communicating particularly when negotiating arrangements with multiple parties. But I fear we are at risk of losing the gracious art of personal communication that was such a lovely Continue reading    

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