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Reflections on ProBlogger 2016 – my new-bee experience, what inspired me, got me thinking, and what I was influenced to do.

ProBlogger 2016 – 3 Things I was influenced to do

In an earlier post on the new-bee experience at ProBlogger 2016 I mentioned the great pre-event guidance provided on getting the most out of the conference. One of the tips was to use the action list in the back of your workbook. I’d filled in 3 action items after just the first session! Being quite new to blogging I had a long list by the end of 2 days.

All of the presentations I attended were extremely helpful and informative, and many were inspiring. But as we know, it’s one thing to be inspired, and quite another to be influenced to act.

Here is what I was influenced to do as a result of ProBlogger 2016. Continue reading    

ProBlogger 2016 – 2 Things that got me thinking

‘Inspirational’ is a word that is often used, and I heard it quite a bit at ProBlogger 2016. I used it myself in my previous post on the 1 thing from ProBlogger that inspired me the most. However some of the speakers talked about moving beyond inspiring people to influencing them. It’s great to feel inspired. But it’s more Continue reading    

ProBlogger 2016 – 1 Thing that inspired me most

1 Thing that inspired me most at ProBlogger

Recently I wrote about my experience as a new-bee at ProBlogger 2016. On that first networking night, I found my tribe in the area allocated for ‘Lifestyle’ bloggers to gather. A group of us whose blogs incorporate simple living ideas went on to have dinner together afterwards. In the 2 days that followed there were more opportunities for us to connect around our common interests. As simple as it may sound, this is the thing that inspired me the most at ProBlogger 2016.

I find it so heartening to see the number of people blogging in the simple living niche. Some of the bloggers I met capture ideas of a slower lifestyle and living life more mindfully and thoughtfully. Other blogs discuss the concept of minimalism as opposed to the tendency toward excess consumerism and waste. Yet others support the reader who is interested in achieving some degree of self-sufficiency Continue reading    

ProBlogger 2016 – The new-bee perspective


Last weekend I headed off to the ProBlogger training event for the first time. What an experience it was! About 500 people attended 2 days of presentations and workshops that taught, inspired and influenced. Who would have thought that there are so many bloggers out there?

The conference started with a networking event on Thursday night. Walking in to a room with hundreds of people, none of whom you know, is akin to the first day in a new school! Now I won’t say that I didn’t go to the bar first. Continue reading    

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